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Welcoming a newborn: Guiding your child

The arrival of a newborn can be a time of immense joy for parents, but it can also be a time of great change for older siblings. How can we help them understand and adapt to this new reality? Let's see our team's advice.

Preparing Your Child for the Arrival of the Newborn

Even before the baby arrives, it is essential to prepare your child. Explain to him what is going to happen, answer his questions and make sure he feels involved in this big step in family life. You can use children's books about the arrival of a new baby or simply talk positively about this upcoming change.

Create a Safe and Gentle Environment

When introducing your newborn to his or her siblings, make sure the environment is safe and reassuring for all children involved. Explain that the baby is now part of the family and should be welcomed with love and kindness. Use key phrases like "Look, our family has grown! We now have a new little brother/sister."

Involving Children in Baby Care

Involving older children in the baby's care can give them a sense of responsibility and importance in the family. They can help change diapers, give a bottle or rock the baby. This strengthens family ties and shows that everyone has a role to play.

Allow Individual Time

Jealousy can sometimes arise when parents spend a lot of time with the newborn. So give each child individual time. Plan special activities that show each child that they are loved and valued. Encourage them to share their emotions.

Monitor Your Child's Reaction

Every child reacts differently to the arrival of a newborn. Be alert for signs of regression or emotional distress. If you notice any worrying changes, such as an increase in aggressive behavior, talk with your child or consider professional support if needed.

The arrival of a newborn is a time of transition for the whole family. By introducing the baby in a positive way and giving older children opportunities for interaction and responsibility, you will help them adjust to this new reality. Remind them that their emotions and needs are as important as those of the baby, and that you are there to support them in this family adventure.

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