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Talk about sexuality with your child from the age of 3, pleads an influencer

Influencer Marilou Ethier is soon launching her digital platform Olie Éducation, the aim of which is to help parents discuss sexuality with their children as early as possible.

“The majority of parents have not had very good sex education,” recognizes Marilou Ethier. Naturally, this ignorance trickles down to their children, she says.

She believes that her whole life would have been very different if she had been talked to differently about sexuality from childhood.

Without approaching intimacy in a sensual way – “with our adult glasses” as she likes to say – the influencer considers that parents have a duty to break taboos with their children from an early age. 3 years old.

Its Olie Éducation platform, in the final development phase, will offer parents educational modules and discussion topics to discuss with their children based on their age and what they already know.

“The earlier we start, the easier it will be, because at 4 years old, a child has no discomfort,” she assures.

Listen to the interview with Marilou Ethier, founder of the digital platform Olie Éducation on Marie Montpetit's show via QUB radio:

Prevent from a young age

By having good sex education, she wants these children to develop a good perception of themselves and avoid sexual behavior that would be dangerous for them or for others.

“We talk as much about unwanted pregnancies as we do about sexual abuse,” summarizes Marilou Ethier.

In other cases, when sexuality is not discussed at home, a child will take questions online, where they may mistake pornography as an actual depiction of sexuality.

“We help the parent to address the subjects of contraception, private parts, masturbation or consent, so that they develop healthy sexuality and so that parents become their resource when they ask questions,” explains Marilou Ethier .

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