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5 Tips to Encourage a Positive Body Image

A positive body image is essential for the emotional well-being of our children. We share 5 practical tips for parents to promote a healthy and positive body image in their children, encouraging self-confidence and self-respect.

Be a positive role model: Lead by example by having a positive attitude toward your own body and avoiding negative comments about physical appearance.

Not always easy to do when we have our own complexes and biases about our body. But we know, children are little sponges and learn from our own words and actions. A gentler, more indulgent and appreciative approach to your physical appearance will certainly have a positive impact on your child.

Encourage appreciation of individual characteristics: Help your child value his or her qualities and skills rather than focusing solely on physical appearance.

Why not incorporate positive affirmations into your morning routine? We recommend that you encourage compliments on things other than physical appearance! For example, encourage your child to highlight his talent for drawing or his success in mathematics.

Promote a healthy, balanced diet: Emphasize food as fuel for the body rather than diets or dietary restrictions.

We strongly recommend keeping comments about weight gain or loss out of your conversations at home. Encourage your child to eat enough and the importance of eating good foods. Balanced physical health can positively influence body image, regardless of its shape!

Celebrate body diversity: Expose your child to a variety of bodies in the media and discuss the beauty of body diversity.

Goodbye to fashion magazines that highlight a single body ideal. With the variety of media becoming more and more inclusive, this is the perfect opportunity to educate your child about body diversity.

Encourage physical activity for fun: Engage your child in fun physical activities rather than associating them with weight loss or physical appearance.

This is as valid for food as it is for sport! Moving is fun and contributes to better mental health. Associating sport with weight loss should be avoided for children so that they can develop interests without pressure.

By promoting a positive body image in your children, you help them develop strong self-esteem and a healthy relationship with their bodies. As parents, you play a crucial role in promoting a positive attitude towards physical appearance, self-acceptance and celebrating body diversity.

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